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Advancing with the establishment of overseas production sites to move forward into the world with our customers.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial fasteners, Ochiai has been supplying a wide variety of products to our customers in numerous fields, mainly in the automobile industry, but also construction equipment, OA equipment, housing construction, and much more. Since early in our company history, we have established a unified all-in-one in-house production facility where we perform everything from die design to manufacturing ourselves. As such, we have been able to speedily provide products that meet the expectations and requests of the customer by the company working as a whole. We have constantly been a leader in our industry, for example, by introducing computers to our company over 40 years ago, and constantly expanding and strengthening our structure and facilities. However, I believe the most important asset that Ochiai has, is the relationship of trust that we have established for over more than 70 years with our customers, agents, and distributors.

Manufacturing is currently greatly shifting towards globalization, with many companies establishing factories and stores overseas, hanging their hopes of staying in business and further developing on the global market. In anticipation of a increasingly expanding needs in overseas markets, as well as to meet the needs of production sites and local procurement by customers expanding their sales networks overseas and to provide local support, Ochiai is currently advancing with establishing its overseas production sites.

I became the representative director and president of this company in July of 2013. I believe it is my job to utilize our Indonesia plant for expansion into the Indonesian and Indian markets as well as the Vietnam plant to expand into ASEAN countries and China. In addition, I believe it is also my duty to conceptualize a Central American plant for the North American and European markets, and then to further advance our global expansion in the future, centered on these three locations.

Going forward, we will continue to passionately engage in world-leading technology and manufacturing as a global fastener manufacturer while keeping in our hears our philosophy of being in "pursuit of limitless advances,' a philosophy that we have kept since our foundation, and to continue to move forward with our customers.

Takayuki Ochiai
President & CEO

  • unified all-in-one in-house production facility
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