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Corporate Philosophy

In pursuit of limitless progress

In order to provide products with the quality and prices that meet the requirements of our customers, we strive to effectively utilize our production facilities and improve our technology. With the entire company working as one and manufacturing and providing high quality products, we will contribute widely to society.

Ochiai Co., Ltd. was established in November 1936 as a manufacturer of press dies, automatic machinery and special machinery. The company developed new products, enhanced its production facilities, including improving production technologies and development in-house, to accommodate the change in the economy and the development of industrial technology. This has led to our current position as a specialized manufacturer of special and wide-ranging industrial fasteners.

Ochiai Co., Ltd. employs an integrated production system that performs all processes from product design to the design and manufacture of dies, press and Heat treatment, and surface treatment in-house to provide customers with a wide range of industrial fasteners. In order to meet the needs of our customers, not only do we develop new products, we are constantly improving our facilities, in-house development and production processes in the pursuit of diversifying and streamlining production technologies. In addition to working to reduce costs, we aim to manufacture the most superior products.
In addition, in anticipation of globalization, we have advanced with establishing overseas factories and sales hubs, increasing our efforts to provide products promptly and provide detailed service to customers with overseas factories and sales networks.
In respects to quality which is the key of our products, not only we have ISO9001 but also acquired IATF16949 certification which is the international quality standard for automotive industry and established quality management systems applicable worldwide.
As our commitments for environment become severer day by day, we comply with RoHS and ELV regulations, reduce environmentally hazardous substances and promote recycles as we actively engage in environmental protection activities by operating our environmental management systems in accordance with ISO14001.

Retaining rings
Basic Internal and External Rings, Inverted Internal and External Rings, E-Rings, C-Rings, U-Rings, Beveled Internal and External Rings, Constant Section Rings, Other Customized parts, Customized Retaining Rings
Waved Washers, Curved Washers, Leaf Springs, Various Toothed Washers
Internal and External Push Nuts, Circular Internal and External Nuts, Various Screw-Type Plate Nuts, Tapping Nuts, T-Nuts, Welding Nuts
Various Spring Pins, Snap Pins
Customized Leaf Springs, Assembly tools for various fasteners

  • unified all-in-one in-house production facility
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  • 1-11-12 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0071, Japan
  • TEL. +81-3-3636-8802
  • FAX. +81-3-3636-8859
International standard
certification status
IATF16949 ・ ISO 9001 ・ ISO 14001