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Product Engineering

Creating added value through flexible ideas and practical know how.
Ochiai employs an integrated production system that enables everything to be performed and resolved in-house, from hearings with customers to product design, prototype and die manufacture, mass production, packaging and follow-ups after delivery. The effects of this system can be seen in every aspect of our services including our prices, quality, speed and stable procurement. The in-house integrated production system is one of Ochiai's strengths and it also a promise to our customers that we are fully responsible for every process.

Shoji Hino
Product Engineering Manager


Not only do we propose shapes and forms from scratch, instead of simply creating a product when we are given drawing from our customers, our designers with specialized knowledge and experience will provide proposals that adds factors such as forms that can reduce costs and designs that are more suited to mass production. In addition, when we are asked for a design, it is often the case that specifications for other parts that will be assembled into the customer's product have already been decided, requiring us to work within the confines of achieving the required performance while working well with these parts. Our designers perform brainstorming sessions to come up with breakthroughs with their flexible ideas.

Prototypes and testing

  • At Ochiai, we have established a system where the designers in charge perform everything from creating the prototypes to testing. Because the designers are aware of the "guts" of the products they designed themselves, there are no significant deviations from the design when testing. Even when the required values are not obtained from the tests, the can immediately determine what was wrong and make adjustments. This integrated handling enables them and us to quickly provide proposals and feedback to customers. In addition, by recreating conditions that are as close to mass production state as possible, we are able to prevent variations in performance between the prototype and actual product.

Designers that you can see

In recent years at Ochiai, there have been an increasing number of cases where designers have actively gone to visit customers. Close communications between the designers and customers has led to detailed and accurate conveyance of ideas as well as faster development. This has also led to improving the skills of the designers, allowing them to utilize their conversations with customers and observations on site in product development, providing substantial advantages for both sides. We will to have our designers, who you can actually meet and see, to establish deep and strong relationships of trust with our customers.

  • unified all-in-one in-house production facility
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