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Customized Products

* The products on this page are just part of our specialized products.
Please feel free to contact with us for more information on these and other products.


Powertrain / Air conditioning
Category Products
Engine Basic Rings (customized) Spring Pins (customized) Sensor Attachment Clips Compressed Spring Wahsers  
Transmission Basic Rings (customized) Constant Section Rings (customized) Spring Pins (customized) E-Rings (customized) Sensor Attachment Clips
Steering /
Drive transmission
Basic Rings (customized) Beveled Rings (customized) Customized Clips Waved Washers (customized) Inverted External Rings (customized)
Push Nuts (customized)        
Air conditioning
(compressors /
heat core, etc.)
Multi-Ark-Shaped Rings Leaf Springs Pipe Joining Clips Spring Pins (customized)  
Brakes Basic Rings (customized) Push Nuts (customized) Snap Pins (customized) E-Rings (customized) Dish Springs (customized)
Fans Balancing Weight Grip Rings (customized)      

Category Products
Windshield wipers Push Nuts (customized)    
Side view mirrors Push Nuts (customized)    
Heat shield plate Customized Clips    
Side visor
Vanity mirror
Customized Clips Hinge Springs P-Type Push-on Nuts (customized)
Other CS-Nuts (customized) Tenporary Bolt Retaining Clips Glass Attachement Brackets

Category Products
Instrument Panel Various customized Clips CS-Nuts (customized) P-Type Push-on Nuts (customized)  
Seats Push Nuts (customized) CS-Nuts (customized) Waved Washers (customized) E-Rings (customized)
Meters PCB Clips Meter Panel Clips    
Airbags Customized Clips Push Nuts (customized)    
Seatbelts Customized Clips Waved Washers (customized) Curved Washers (customized) CS-Nuts (customized)
Other Side Visor Clips Spring Pins (customized) C-Rings (customized)  

Lifestyle machinery / Industrial machinery

Category Products
Motors / Bearings Waved Washers (customized) Customized Springs Magnet Holding Clips    
Domestic appliance
Various customized products based on standard products
Industrial machinery Customized Clips Sensor attachment Clips Snap Pins (customized) Basic Rings (customized) Spring Pins (customized)

Housing equipment

Category Products
Boiler Quick fastener (customized) Sensor attachment Clips Heater Attachment Brackets    
Unit bath
Toilet / Sink
Mirror attachment bracket Quick fastener (customized) Customized Clips Interior Attachment Brackets Faucet Brackets
Pump Clips Ceramics fixing clips      
Fittings / Exterior Cable Cover Clips Gap filling clips Wall Surface Brackets    


Category Products
Satellites / Robots Waved Washers
Handheld gaming devices
Game playing equipment
Customized Clips E-Rings (customized) Snap Pins (customized)



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