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Obtaining customer trust and meeting their strict quality requirements with thorough quality control.

Takeshi Sano
Executive Officer
Quality Assurance Division
Ochiai provides products for a wide variety of fields, including automobiles, light electrics, residential facilities and more. The demand for quality from customers has increased over the years, and the specifications and features demanded of Ochiai products vary depending on where and how they are used. We will continue to accurately meet the wide-ranging requests of our customers so that we will be continued to be called "Ochiai means quality" by our customers, and we will continue with our strict quality control efforts in order to consistently provide high quality products to our customers.

Quality related certifications

In addition to ISO9001 certification for quality management systems, we have acquired IATF16949(※1), an automobile related international quality standard. It makes us not only complying with quality management standards required in general, but we are also in compliance with special quality controls required to supply our products to North American and European automobile manufacturers.
By managing heat treatment processes required for products with springiness based on CQI-9, our factories are certified as designated heat treatment factories by our customers.
※1:After acquiring QS9000 certification in 1998, acquired ISO/TS16949 in 2006 and updated it to IATF16949 in 2018

International standard certification status.IATF16949 ・ ISO 9001 ・ ISO 14001
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Ochiai Co., Ltd.
Initial certification acquired date 1998/12/8
Certification standard name ISO 9001
Certifying organization JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Registration number 4679
Initial certification acquired date 2018/5/29
Certification standard name IATF16949(Headquarters·Tokyo Sales Office·Chiba Factory)
Certifying organization SRI
Registration Number 0402522
Initial certification acquired date 2000/12/25
Certification standard name ISO 14001
Certifying organization JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Registration Number E2293
Fukushima Ochiai Co., Ltd.
Initial certification acquired date 2002/11/22
Certification standard name ISO 9001
Certifying organization ABS Quality Evaluations
Registration Number 47702
Initial certification acquired date 1999/9/6
Certification standard name ISO 9001
Certifying organization TÜV SÜD
Registration Number 2015-2-2318
Initial certification acquired date 2006/6/2
Certification standard name ISO 14001(Chiba Factory)
Certifying organization TÜV SÜD
Registration Number 2015-0652
Initial certification acquired date 2014/1/6
Certification standard name ISO 9001
Certifying organization Bureau Veritas Certification Vietnam
Registration Number VN. 3091155
Initial certification acquired date 2020/3/27
Certification standard name IATF16949
Certifying organization Bureau Veritas Certification Vietnam
Registration Number VTN-22071/TS


  • Ochiai has established a traceability system to ensure the accurate and thorough tracking of production histories. Detailed production histories can be grasped through product information and the lot number printed on the cardboard boxes and bags. Through this, we are able to provide detailed production histories, completion inspection records and material mill test reports. These inspection and material information for products produced not only in Japan but for those produced at overseas factories are shared online. Through this, we have established a system where each sales office is able to directly access this information in order to promptly respond to customer requests for information.

Inspection equipment

In order to meet the strict quality requirements of our customers, we have installed not only regular measuring equipment, but also the latest inspection equipment such as automatic image measuring equipment, Metallurgical microscope, 3D Measurement System, load testing equipment and fluorescent X-ray film thickness meters to enable even more detailed measurements. In addition, we are also equipped with salt water spray test machines to determine the corrosion resistance of our products, microscopes to observe the metallic structure, and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) to analyze damaged products. Through this thorough quality assurance system, Ochiai sends out high-quality products into the market.

  • Load test equipment
  • Automatic image dimension
    measuring machine
  • Metallurgical microscope
  • 3D Measurement System
  • Fluorescent X-ray plating
    thickness meter

Identification management

Because Ochiai produces a wide variety of products, the production process contains products that are so similar in shape that they are difficult to distinguish with the human eye, as well as products with only the slightest difference in size or shape. As a result, color-coded identification tags are attached to each box according to each process in the factory. Measuring equipment also have set inspection and alignment cycles, and the validity period of the inspection and alignment for each piece of equipment identified through color-coded stickers. In addition, should nonconforming products occur in a production process, they are identified and isolated in a dedicated storage area to ensure that they are not mistakenly shipped.

Quality management at overseas factories

In order to accommodate customer production hubs overseas and globalization, Ochiai also engages in overseas production in Indonesia and Vietnam. In order to ensure that Japanese standard of quality demanded from our customers can also be provided from our overseas factories, we engage in the sharing of technology, the training of personnel such as manager training, as well as the implementation of mistake-proofing through sensors, and the active implementation of automation of work processes. Through these quality management efforts, we are able to maintain a high level of quality overseas that is equivalent to that of Japan.

  • unified all-in-one in-house production facility
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International standard
certification status
IATF16949 ・ ISO 9001 ・ ISO 14001