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Industrials & Support

Establishment of local manufacturing bases as a platform for industrial development in Asia with domestic bases as the foundation, we achieved a local manufacturing and support system.
In order to make an immediate response to overseas expansion of various industries, OCHIAI established overseas manufacturing bases in Indonesia and Vietnam along with domestic factories in Chiba and Fukushima.
Based on our local all-in-one manufacturing system, we are always ready to immediately respond to the needs of our overseas production sites.
This enables us to provide a highly-responsive local support system so that we are able to meet the various needs of our customers.

Establishment of a New Vietnam Factory in 2011

OCHIAI established a new factory in Vietnam as a new Asian manufacturing base with the perspective of market growth in developing ASEAN countries and China. There are factories for our domestic customers and sales bases of agencies scattered throughout these areas. Therefore, we will put all our efforts into expanding the manufacturing capacity of the Vietnam factory and to realize thorough quality control there. By doing so, we will respond to the needs of our customers such as local manufacturing, local procurement, and local support along with the expansion of services for our existing customers.

Chiba Plant


1650-1 Kotehashi-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 262-0013
TEL. +81-43-259-2531 FAX. +81-43-258-8200

Plant Outline

[Site Area] 27,000 square meters [Employees] 280

Product management, technology research lab, die manufacturing plant, stamping plant, heat treatment, surface treatment plant, quality control, product packaging plant

Fukushima Plant (Fukushima Ochiai Co., Ltd.)


3 Oguri Ikenokubo, Sukagawa-shi, Fukushima 962-0722
TEL. +81-248-79-2131 FAX. +81-248-79-3123

Plant Outline

[Site Area] 100,000 square meters [Employees] 93

Control room, die production plant, heat treatment, surface treatment plant, quality control room, product packaging plant

Indonesia Plant

Indonesia Plant

Kawasan Industri KIIC, Jl Maligi Raya Lot K-1, Desa Sukaluyu, Kecamatan Teluk, Jambi Timur, Karawang Barat 41361, Indonesia
TEL. +62-21-8911-4117 FAX. +62-21-8911-4108

Plant Outline

[Site Area] 38,000 square meters [Employees] 800

Control room, die/press/heat treatment plant, product packaging room

Vietnam Plant

Vietnam Plant

Plot C-8, Thang Long Industrial Park Ⅱ,
Yen My District, Hung Yen Province Vietnam
TEL.84-321-3974-801 FAX.84-321-3974-803

Plant Outline

[Site Area] 18,600 square meters [Employees] 87

Control room, press/heat treatment/surface treatment plant, product packaging room

  • unified all-in-one in-house production facility
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