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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of use for Ochiai Co., Ltd's website

All information and content on this website managed and operated by Ochiai Co. Ltd. (the "website") may change without notice to our customers. In addition, the website is not intended to guarantee the specification of our products and not every one of our products are included in the contents. Ochiai can not assume any responsibility for any damage or loss arising from the use of this website or its content.

Copyright and Trademark Rights

Ochiai owns the copyright to any and all information on the website about our products, services and technology (the "materials"). These materials are protected by the copyright law and users will only be able to use these materials under the terms and conditions noted below.

  • 1. To fulfill contractual responsibility with business partners/customers
  • 2. To develop better products and improve service
  • 3. To convey useful information to business partners/customers

Other than the above, the website does not grant any licenses to any copyrights which include third party copyright, trademark rights or industrial rights. For example, it does not grant any license under the intellectual property rights for products and services introduced or written about on the website.

Web browser

To browse the website, we recommend using a general-purpose modern browser.
We also recommend that you use a screen size that's more than 1024 x 768 pixels.

Operating environment

The website uses JavaScript. If you are using a computer that is not compatible with JavaScript or have disabled JavaScript, the pages may not show up on the screen. Before going to our site, please make sure to check that your JavaScript has been enabled.

* Please understand that depending on the type of computer used, there is a possibility that the website may not be accessible.

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